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How We Work

The 4Ps is a model that refocuses attention on Purpose and allows it to be the driving force behind our values, actions, and behaviours to ultimately sustain a business long-term.

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The 4Ps are the through line for the way we work together and achieve our vision, and it forms the basis for each one of our values.

Our Guiding Principles

Community Driven

We want to create a national group of local businesses that continue to be integral to their local community.

This means that the reputation and brands that have been built up over years of hard work and dedication of our dental teams will remain the foundation of any work we do with dental teams that join our group; it means we will respect the loyalty of the patient base they have been caring for; and it means we will help our practices give back to their communities in more ways than providing high quality dental care.

When it comes to our practices, one size doesn’t fit all.

All of our decisions and the way we run our business have people at the forefront, and it starts with involving them in our vision. We want our teams at both Resource Hub and practice level to understand where they’re going and what they’re aspiring to achieve, to have a sense of belonging that we are creating something together.

We want to be able to create teams who are happy and engaged in creating success and growth because they are valued and listened to, and the happiness of our people is how we will measure our success, as well as the profits we create.

People Focused


We want to ‘stitch the seams’ –  we’re all working toward one goal, so let’s collaborate. We all do the work to ensure that the various areas of Todays Dental have excellent flow of communication and avoid working in silos so that we can support each other to best of our ability.

Our Resource Hub is here to provide the best support we can give to our dental practices, and that support is governed by asking the question “is what I’m about to do, or what I’m about to ask for adding value to enabling our practices to focus upon patients?” 

And in the same vein, we also facilitate collaboration between dental practices so that they too can share resources, their wins and challenges, and support growth.

In all areas of our business, we want to create environments where our people can thrive.


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