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Welcome to Todays Dental

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We want to improve the lives of everyone we meet and work with. So whether you’re looking to sell your practice, searching for a new challenge as a nurse or receptionist, wanting to grow and improve your leadership skills as a practice manager, wishing to create beautiful smiles as a dentist or simply looking for an opportunity to join a purpose-driven, people-focused company, you’ll find everything you need here at Todays Dental.

Our Purpose and Vision

Our purpose is to Improve Lives and Create Smiles, which is underpinned by our three pillars:

Aspirational Become an industry leader that inspires others to follow in creating positive workplaces for their people, enabling them to foster creativity and growth, as well as driving excellence and progress within dental care.
Investible Create an organisation with provable track record of delivering strategic goals, to attract quality investors that enable us to continue improving lives and creating smiles.
Sustainable Establish long-term, self-sufficient structures that can consistently create smiles inside and outside the dental practice, without relying heavily on external support.

Our vision is to change what it means to run a successful dental group, by being a deeply human organisation that is truly people-focused.

Using the model of the 4Ps, we want to create a hub of inspiring and authentic leaders who empower and support our teams. We’ll measure our success through the happiness of our people, as well as the profits we create. Our clinical partners will also share in the benefits of our collaboration, and at the intersection of all these elements is where the untapped potential of our practices is released.

See what it’s like to join Todays Dental

Kirsty Robinson, Principal at Harborne Dental Practice

“Todays Dental’s ethos was one which truly aligned with mine – focusing on the happiness and care of the patients and team, some of whom I have worked with for over 25 years. Steve Williams, Acquisitions Director, took time to address my concerns in our initial meetings and the Todays Dental team provided support and open communication as the sale progressed, resulting in a smooth and positive transaction.”

Susanne Ellis, Operations Manager at Shrewsbury

We liked Steve and liked his relaxed approached. Steve came across confident and knowledgeable which immediately put us at ease. Todays Dental fitted in with the established ethos we had already created which included valuing our staff. Kim and Tori were amazing! You’re a fun team to be around. You held our hands throughout the transaction and immediately post completion, keeping us well informed throughout. With Lyn supporting the practice post completion, we could see how much value was placed on culture within the group which really made Todays Dental stand out.

We want you for who you are,
not who we think you should be